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Feedback & Reviews From Real People Like You
(note: these are reprinted exactly as submitted to us, including misspellings)
stars It is something I cannot put down
I love it so far, I am still reading it do to work, but it is something I cannot put down.
Patty Anne
stars Knowledge is a wonderful tool
Work in progress, 10 months and counting...knowledge is a wonderful tool.
Rick Bartlett
stars It worked very well for me!
Save The Marriage was very helpful. The essence of it is: you make active loving choices and you get rewarded by the same from your partner. It worked very well for me!
stars Very rewarding and helpful
I found the ebook very rewarding and helpful, its pretty much stuff we all know but tend to forget alot.. a very precise accurate read!
stars Turned my life around
After 34 years of, what I thought, a happy marriage I found out that my husband was having an affair and had been for three years, I was devastated, I thought I could never get over this, never mind come to terms with it, but with the help of your I have turned my life around, my husband is no longer having an affair and he is now so loving toward me, even more so than before, I have learned to take responsibility for my own happiness and not to depend on others for it. I am at peace with myself, thank you and God bless you.
stars There is no question the book saved us
There is no question the book saved us.  I had to look when I purchased your book. It was about 11/26/2003. That, in itself adds a little to my thank you!  I am married, with two just teenagers. I thought I was happily married until my wife said she was unhappy and in a few instances said she wanted a divorce. I realized there were problems but didn't know what they were or how to fix them. I searched and at that time found your book. Your book attracted me because rather than try to figure out how to fix the many individual little items I (we) were doing wrong, I knew the way we act always influences others and has a tendency to correct things you may not be aware that we are doing.  The significance of the date I bought the book is simple. In that December I felt very uncomfortable with my wife's need to have me get out of the house on certain days. It didn't click in until one day she was very anxious. I felt something was extremely wrong. I had never been jealous, never thought my wife thought of other men until that day. I planted a video recorder and discovered she was in the initial stages of venturing outside of our relationship. Her planned events never happened as I confronted her and the other person.  I had fallen in love with my wife again in October of this same year. A great job change in late May had made me happier than I had been in a long time. So I was well on my way to changing myself and how I act, using your book, when my discovery came to light. That experience was nothing less than earth shattering to me. The confrontations and the five near divorces consumed a little over a year of our lives. Trust was destroyed and we did not know what the future brought. 'Only time will tell.' I, however, made the conscious decision, at that time, that I would / will change (and continue to do so) regardless of what happened. Your book was a life -changing experience for me. I look back today at different intervals of that year + and think to myself that I cannot believe how it was possible to weather that storm. Then, today, while searching on line for some romantic things to do, I again came upon your book. I asked myself if, today, I feel comfortable enough to write this note that, in my heart, I would be able to do someday.  There has been a tremendous change in both of us as a result of your book. Friends and relatives notice how we act toward each other and we even witnessed a couple, who normally would argue in front of us, change how they interacted. I can, today, truly say that you changed our lives and saved our marriage, when to anyone who knew the facts, would have said it was impossible. I am simply taking a moment 'to smell the roses' and thank you for your ability to take a complicated, almost impossible situations and with simple application (and time) change almost anything.  I do also want to share with you what we discovered in this process and what was a major source of all our problems. Somewhere after having our first or second child my wife lost her total desire to have sex. I did not know this. 'She put up with it.' She thought it had to do with me and I thought she didn't care , etc., and the pulling apart process started some time ago. My wife was always my best friend but she was never (confirmed by her mom) very good at verbalizing what bothered her, even when being asked point blank 'what's bothering you?' She felt I was not listening and started confiding in others. The rest is history. The point here is that her loss of libido, in combination with other things, almost destroyed our marriage, and neither of us knew it was happening or why. We are finding our way through this but this, like many other things, is a work in progress. She has to take a lot of medicines for Arthritis, etc. and very unwilling to add to the daily intake. So resolving this and improving the libido issue is delicate at best. I have gotten some books but this is something that is impossible to change all by myself. The kids are at camp now and we are having a great time. I don't want to muddy that experience but will sometime have to chat more with her about it. I don't know how to approach this except gingerly and approach is from the 'we' side.  I am sorry it took so long to write but it this is a very important day because I feel that I am able to write this note! Thank you so much for helping us and keeping our family together as well. Best Regards,  
stars I would have made the classic mistakes listed in the book
The day my husband said he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay married, was by far one of the worst days I had experienced. I turned to an old friend who had always been a mentor/counselor of sorts for marriage advice who recommended a website that lead me to Save the Marriage. I purchased the book that day and from the first page began to discover how my actions (including lack of action ) had contributed to the current state of my marriage. I know that marriage is 50-50 so please don't think I took all the responsibility. Its just that you think you're in the clear until a new perspective comes along to open your eyes. Save the Marriage not only offered excellent techniques for communicating with my husband, but taught me things about myself that have helped me improve who I am and what I bring to the relationship. I know with 100% certainty that without Save the Marriage, I would have made the classic mistakes listed in the book and more that likely not be married to the wonderful man that I love so dearly. There is risk in everything, and purchasing this book was well worth it.
stars We made it through another year, and though we have our ups and downs, we still have each other
My marriage was taking a turn for the worse and my husband was too embarrassed and proud to go for counseling. We'd been together for 11 years at that point and married for 2. We have 2 small children and our busy lives were taking us away from each other. I thought, if only I could fix it, just change something, we'd be ok. So I came across your 'Save the marriage' ebook and purchased it. I figured, I'll do what the book says and pray that it works. Little did I know my husband, without me knowing, was reading the ebook when I wasn't around and implementing the same tools on his side. We made it through another year, and though we have our ups and downs, we still have each other.  The ebook really helped. Seeing us as 'we' and not a 'you and me' really helped my husband. And just taking the time to listen to him, with interest in what he had to say, like I did when we first got together, rekindled a lot for us. My like isn't more important than his and what I have to say isn't more important than what he does. Just this little change on my part brought us closer together by leaps and bounds.  There were a lot more things we gathered from the ebook, but they've become part of our everyday thinking that I can't really remember them. :)  Thank you for your tips and tools. They really helped.
Shandra Rivera
stars It is one of my models I adhere to when counseling couples
I really enjoy the format of save the marriage. It provides a simple guide to building and establishing 'understanding' communication. It is one of my models I adhere to when counseling couples.
Pastor Seon Thompson
stars My marriage has been saved
By reading the ebook 'Save the Marriage' first my marriage has been saved. Second, We have learned to not get angry every time someone has a bad day.
Laurie Barthel
stars I am happy to report that we are doing very well now
When I ordered the Save the Marriage ebook, my husband and I each knew we were facing some problems, but neither of us had brought it up to the other. When I told him that I had ordered it, I was afraid he'd be upset, but he actually was relieved! I printed it out, one chapter at a time, and each night after we put the kids to bed, we read that chapter together and discussed it. I'm happy to report that we are doing very well now and I look forward to going over the 5 Myths of Marriage with him!
Courtney Fairchild
stars Made me realize how lucky I am to have my husband and family
It was a wonderful ebook, I really felt like I had spoken to the author as he really made me feel like it was just aimed at me. I know that many people experience difficulties from time to time but this just made me realise how many and how lucky I am to have my husband and family. They deserve looking after and the book helped me to put life and family into perspective and just relax.
Nicola Clark
stars Your book made me open my eyes
Your book made me open my eyes to how I have been feeling these past 20 yrs of my marriage and realize how I have been harboring resentments. How these resentments have affected my relationship, but more importantly HOW to let go of them.
Ann Lord
stars I found the e-book was exactly what I needed
I found the e-book was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately I found the site too late for it to save my last relationship (ended over 18 months ago). When I advised Lee it was too late, he promptly gave me a refund.  I applied the information and ideas I learned toward my 3 months new relationship and so far it is going very well.
stars My marriage was on the verge of divorce
Save the Marriage was so helpful to me. My marriage was on the verge of divorce but after reading your ebook it gave me hope and confidence that my marriage can be save. We are still working on things but it has been great the last few months and I thank you.
Kerlley Aime
stars Saved my marriage and my life
Your e-book saved my marriage and my life. I wasn't seeing my part in the situation, just his.  Reading your e-book gave me the techniques to change the way I was looking at things. It also changed the way my husband was treating me. He saw the change in me, and started treating me differently. It was still hard work but worth every minute. Now we have a great marriage. I appreciate him for his differences rather than wishing all the time he was different. I tell him I love him for those differences all the time now. I have truly become his number one support person and he is mine again. Thanks so much.
Tall one in Ohio
stars Still married and healing nicely
I thought my marriage was over. When I read Save The Marriage I saw that it really was not over at all. We managed to get through the hurt and are still married and healing nicely.
stars We learned to listen to each other again
At 17 years of marriage we separated. we didn't really want a divorce, but we knew something wasn't right with us. it took 8 months for us to come back together and in that time after reading your book, we learned that we had let life interfere with how we talked to each other. we taked 'at' each other without really listening to what was being said. we had to allow ourselves time to come to grips with the knowledge that we weren't the perfect couple we thought we were and even though we knew 'you can't read each others minds', we had somehow let that slip and allowed hurts to billed up , all the while wondering how the other couldn't tell something was wrong. we learned to listen to each other again and make sure that the other knows he/she is as important now as the day we married.
stars both parties are responsible
I read the e-book, I like the fact that they stress that in after the affair, both parties must relalize that the affair was a two fold problem, that the affair may shed light on issues that have needed attention to correct problems in the marriage and both parties are responsible for it happening, not equally but accountable.
suzy soley
stars I am truly surprised about the interest you have shown in helping to help me get my marriage on track. Thanks!
Gayle Davis
stars I am a Domestic Violence Counselor and found the e-book helpful
I am a Domestic Violence counselor and found the e-book helpful to use in the process of therapy as women who have been disempowered to begin to think about what they need, want and deserve in a new healthy relationship.
stars I had unnattainable expectations for my poor husband
Your program has taught me to look at marriage in a different way. I had unnattainable expectations for my poor husband and I now know that he can't be a mind reader, or the one to make me happy. That is my job to make myself happy, he just gets to share this with me. Thanks!
stars He was totally skeptical at first
I have been through your ebook once in it's entirety. I study and apply what you have talked about, and see some change already. I just have to keep with it and make sure my husband does too.  Where he was totally skeptical at first, I think without realizing it, he too is applying some of the data. Thanks!
stars Eat your heart out Dr Phil!
I was so thrilled to find something like this on the Internet. It is filled with good, common sense. Eat your heart out Dr Phil!
Kath Newman
stars In 2 years we've gone from being on the brink of breaking up to closer than ever... Life is good again!!!
The e-book was really thought provoking. When I read it for the first time I really didn't know how to move on from the situation we had gotten into. It made me realise that the problems we were having could be solved. In 2 years we've gone from being on the brink of breaking up to closer than ever. Not only did it make me look at my marriage from a different perspective - it changed the way I interacted with everyone around me. My husband, my 2 children and myself are calmer,more confident and happier than ever. Life is good again!!!
Kay H
stars My marriage had hit rock bottom
I purchased Save The Marriage e-book a few months ago when my marriage had hit rock bottom. I was hesitant to share the book with my husband but he was very open and we've been reading it together and talking about how it is relevant to our marriage. It really has been bringing insights that we never saw before and I look forward to us continuing it together!
stars The techniques were eye opening view on the dynamics of spousal interaction that can't be seen from the inside of a problem marriage.
Mike M
stars Helped me realize we are two separate people with different feelings and wants but with the same goals of a loving marriage and home and it is those goals that make us one.
Christine Deters
stars We are getting along now much better
I read the e-book Save the Marriage and it helped me with some of the power struggle issues that we had. We are getting along now much better, although we are still separated. I don't know if I should hang in there or if it's time to move on. I know she's been dating, but my daughter cries sometimes and says that she wishes that we all lived together again. The e-book was definitely helpful though. It made me a better person. I've given up on the struggle for power and left my old jealous self by the wayside. Thanks, I still have hope! 
Don in Toronto
stars I can definitely recommend this book
Thank you Sir. I found you book extremely useful in evaluating and analyzing my own performance and behaviour in my marriage. Reading it together with my wife provided many a talking point and funnily enough she and I picked very different issues as the 'most interesting' or 'most important' which only goes to show how differently we looked at our relationship. We are still struggling like hell but I keep going back to your book for inspiration and to keep myself in check (and to kick myself in the butt). I can definitely recommend this book to anyone in our situation. 
Christian, Copenhagen
stars things are changing!
Although I did not read the book form 'cover to cover', The visual image of the sailboat where each adjustment on one side required an adjustment on the other helped me realize that if I did not address the things I did not like by changing MY behavior, nothing would change. Then I acted on that, and things are changing!
stars able to go on in my life with renewed confidence and self esteem
The biggest lesson I learned is to just be myself and step back. I don't need all the answers right now and discovering areas about myself that need work has been very insightful. I am eager to move on to being the best person I can be. If this new confidence is attractive to my spouse, great. If not, so be it. I will still be able to go on in my life with renewed confidence and self esteem.
Barbara Durfee
stars Matter of fact advice
Matter of fact advice, focus on the facts and the reality, not the hopes and dreams that surface during this type of difficulty.
darcy golubovic
stars I highly recommend it
I find the advice extremely readable and even somewhat entertaining even though dealing with delicate issues. I highly recommend it.
Andre Setton
stars I have learned some very valuable lessons
I have learned some very valuable lessons. It might be too late for my current marriage (I hope not), but I know that if I get married a second time I'll be better equipped to make it my last.
stars Most Important Part: Talking about 'WE' instead of 'I'
Olga Tinschert
stars I like you can down load info right away.
stars a wonderful resource to use without the stigma attached to traditional 'therapy'
The Save the Marriage online program was great in that it was a wonderful resource to use without the stigma attached to traditional 'therapy'. Also, in going through the steps you could move as slowly or quickly as your personal problems required. It is a 'safe' way to explore the dynamics of your marriage.
stars When you need help; you need help and this site gives you that from enough angles to really grab your attention.
Graham Hk
stars a new perspective
Save the Marriage has offered a new perspective to old problems.  My husband and I have fought and worked on our marriage since our honeymoon 19 years ago and this coaching has changed the nature of the fights and the outcome.
stars An ideal gift for every couple whether newly married or otherwise.
stars The book was excellent for providing ideas and strategies for most marriage problems.
Wes Brown
stars A refreshing perspective on communication in marriage. This method really makes a difference.
Erika Royal
stars It opened my eyes to things I didn't consciously know I was doing to hurt my marriage.
Tami Saleska
stars I have been able to understand the areas that were plaguing our marriage
I have been able to understand the areas that were plaguing our marriage. I took for granted the simple things and used the Save The Marriage e-book to sort of open my eyes. It did lead me to a couple of counselling sessions on my own that were truly beneficial to my emotional well-being.
stars excellent ideas that help you 'keep off the boxing gloves' 
Although my marriage is not 'fixed' it is not hopeless either. Save the Marriage has some excellent ideas that help you 'keep off the boxing gloves' when it is so easy to fight back and then all could be lost.
stars It helped us focus on the two of us as a couple rather than as individuals
It helped us focus on the two of us as a couple rather than as individuals. Just sitting down every night to discuss what we read enable us to spend more time helping each other find out what was important to us rather than dissecting what was wrong with our relationship individually.
Staci Smith
stars just thanks.
Cami Howlett
stars This is vital in any marriage
Save the Marriage have taught me a lot about how to diffuse situations that are quite silly sometimes but are potentially deadly to a marriage. It has also taught me how to be more in tune with myself and my reactions. This is vital in any marriage.
stars I learned that my relationship was very unbalanced. I realized that although it's not all about me, my needs are of equal importance and should be respected by my partner.
stars helps and show you how to fight for your marriage when nothing else will
These ideas and techniques have help in the way of me being a young married woman and never having good mother and father relationship to look back on to develop techniques I needed to keep my marriage a live. In the world now days the first thing everyone says is forget about it and move on. This book helps and show you how to fight for your marriage when nothing else will.  Thank you,
Leslie Hanmer
stars It gave me more insight on how to begin communicating with my husband again. Great!
stars Provided a lot of insightful information and gave me a different outlook and new hope for our marriage.
Ramona Thomas
stars very insightful
Your articles have been very insightful. It makes me step back and look at things from a perspective that I hardly ever see at all.
(NOTE:  While individual situations are different and your particular outcome may vary from those reported, these notes represent some of the customers we hear from!)